13 InfoComm Products that Break New Ground
By TechDecisions Staff · June 28, 2016 • From Aurora's IPX and VLX Series transceivers to RHODIUM BY AESON, InfoComm 2016 introduced innovative, brand new products that are bound to improve businesses and greatly impact the industry.

25 Evolving Workplace Products from the InfoComm 2016 Show Floor
By TechDecisions Staff · June 24, 2016 • It's no secret workplace technology has changed the way office spaces look and the way workers access and present information. As technology continues to evolve, so will office trends, and InfoComm 2016 was filled with new innovations aimed at enhancing workplace communication, collaboration and more.

17 Impressive InfoComm 2016 Digital Signage Innovations
By TechDecisions Staff · June 24, 2016 • From digital signage software to video wall controllers, InfoComm presented plenty of new digital signage solutions that were beyond just visually impressive.

How Great Leaders Use Technology to Motivate Employees
By John Greene · June 23, 2016 • Create a tech-friendly, forward-thinking workplace to enhance employee creativity and productivity. Learn more about the apps and devices leaders can implement to do it easily and affordably.

AVNation Releases Two Podcasts Live from InfoComm 2016
By TechDecisions Staff · June 21, 2016 • AVNation invited a corps of guests from news sites, integration and consulting firms, and manufacturing companies to speak live from InfoComm 2016 about what they saw, brought, and learned from the show.

Is AV Ready for the Internet of Things Takeover?
By Daniel L. Newman · June 20, 2016 • In order to fuel better solutions and stay on the front edge of what customers are looking for, the integration industry is going to need to accelerate its learning pace to understand how AV can properly maximize the power of IoT.

9 Things People Can’t Stop Talking About at InfoComm 2016
By TechDecisions Staff · June 13, 2016 • What's the one product category everyone at InfoComm 2016 wants to get into?

InfoComm 2016 Breaks Exhibitor Record in Las Vegas
By TechDecisions Staff · June 10, 2016 • After shattering the previous attendance record at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando, the massive show topples the exhibitor record with over 1,000 exhibitors.

Kramer Control Makes Automation Programming Possible for the Layman
By TechDecisions Staff · June 10, 2016 • Kramer Electronics’ new cloud-based, drag-and-drop Kramer Control announced at InfoComm 2016 works on any interface, on any operating system and is designed to cut automation costs significantly by reducing programming to simple configuration.

Christie Brought a Hockey Stadium to InfoComm 2016
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 9, 2016 • The global visual, audio and collaboration solutions company is showing off its products as you would find them in a stadium, complete with an ice rink.

Prysm Brings Mobility to Its Visual Workplace at InfoComm 2016
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 8, 2016 • Mobile connectivity and integration with Office 365 and Skype for Business expand Prysm’s Visual Workplace far beyond the conference room.

Interview: Amy Barzdukas Talks Polycom Collaboration at InfoComm
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 7, 2016 • TechDecisions spoke with Polycom Vice President of Global Solutions Marketing Amy Barzdukas about why end users and integrators should stop by the Polycom booth at InfoComm to check out some powerful collaboration tech.

Internet of Things Is Most Certainly Coming to the Workplace and It Wants Data
By Josh Srago · June 3, 2016 • Workplace data from IoT can prove invaluable aiding corporate planning for deployment of rooms and tech solutions. But who should own that data?

Emerging Video Trends That May Surprise You at This Year’s InfoComm
By Tim Albright · June 2, 2016 • Rumor has it that at least three manufacturers will demonstrate a product that utilizes the AVB standard for transporting video on the InfoComm 2016 show floor, and you may find a few audio companies have made moves into video as well.

Evolution vs. Innovation: Audio Trends to Look for at InfoComm 2016
By Tim Albright · June 1, 2016 • While Dante and AVB have become established audio trends, companies are now finding their own solutions to transport audio across the network.

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