Cardinal Health Headquarters Wows Visitors with Immersive Experience Center
By TechDecisions Staff · May 24, 2016 • Designed and installed by Radiant Technology, the Experience Center boasts a 15-foot interactive tower, a 165"-inch 4K interactive dashboard, a16-panel synchronized video gallery and two LCD product cabinets.

3 Easy Steps to Protect IP Cameras From Hackers
By Dale Tesch · May 24, 2016 • IP cameras are just as vulnerable to cyberattacks as any other networked device. Here are three mandatory steps that will eliminate network security weaknesses.

Forget the Hype: 6 Real Reasons to Choose (or Not Choose) Laser Projection
By TechDecisions Staff · May 23, 2016 • There are quantifiable reasons why laser projection may be right for your next project and equally measurable reasons why it may not. We help you decide when laser projectors are the right fit.

Traditional signage, what have you done for me lately?
By Mike Brandofino · May 20, 2016 • Mike Brandofino, CEO of Visualz, explains how digital signage is evolving and how his Visualz system can help bring your company into the 21st century.

Custom Corporate Lobby Video Wall Wraps Around Column
By TechDecisions Staff · May 20, 2016 • NanoLumens "tech-orates" Delaware North's new corporate headquarters in Buffalo with NanoWrap solution.

What is a Data Scientist?
By Eric Haller · May 19, 2016 • In the 1960’s classic, The Graduate, a veteran of corporate America offers his mentee career advice in one word: plastics. Perhaps if this movie were to be remade today the advice would be two words: data science.

Visual Content Effects Software Helps Homer Simpson Go Live
By TechDecisions Staff · May 18, 2016 • Sunday’s episode of “The Simpsons” featured the very first live segment in the show’s decades-long television run.

Five Best Practices for Getting Started With Analytics
By John K. Thompson · May 17, 2016 • Analytics can help your business in so many ways - from manufacturing to marketing to retail and beyond. How do you get started? Read on.

Why Today’s Contact Center Agents Need a New Kind of Coach
By Scott Logan · May 16, 2016 • Real-time speech analytics technology helps best-in-class contact centers go above and beyond to ensure agents deliver efficient, accurate, and memorable conversations, every time.

How the Internet of Things Will Help Your Company in the Future
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 13, 2016 • The Internet of Things is coming according to many reports. Still, many technology managers have yet to understand how that will affect their businesses. Here are some potential examples.

How to Outfit Audio for Conference Rooms of All Sizes
By Mark Rinaldi, CTS-D · May 12, 2016 • Audio is a large, and largely overlooked, factor in enabling spaces with AV technology. Whether a huddle room, medium-sized space, large conference area or multipurpose space, ensuring that audio is crisp and clear should be given serious consideration.

Iris Recognition Emerging as Preferred Biometrics Technology
By Mark Clifton · May 11, 2016 • Biometrics as a whole is growing popular because it is unlikely for such information to be falsified.

13 Cabling Messes That Will Haunt Your Dream
By TechDecisions Staff · May 10, 2016 • If you don't think wiring can be scary, you've never been in the trenches of a takeover job.

Legrand Finds Savings & Sustainability in Alternate Energy Fuel Cells
By Arlen Schweiger · May 9, 2016 • Legrand's new 500kW fuel cell system can power up to 88% of the 263,000-square-foot West Hartford, Conn., headquarters and reduce CO2 emissions up to 50%.

Drunk Unkles Ready to ‘Ignite’ InfoComm 2016 at NSCA Education Foundation Event
By D. Craig MacCormack · May 6, 2016 • Industry vets bringing blues, rock and good times to Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel to benefit NSCA’s Ignite and PASS programs.

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