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Deep Dive: Sound Masking in Open Office Spaces
How do you solve the issue of noise in the open-space work environment? Add more noise.

Deep Dive: Is There Such A Thing As Too Much Automation?
Our partner resource gives insight into automation, control, and the possibility of going too far.

Top 3 Trends in Conference Rooms
The focus of conference rooms are shifting to heavy collaboration and better communication.

Expert Series: Is Saving Space with a Short-Throw Projector For Me?
Breaking down applications in which investing in a short-throw or ultra-short-throw projectors pays dividends.

Deep Dive: Building the Perfect Hybrid: The Balance Between Public and Private Clouds
Our deep dive gives you the information you need to create a hybrid cloud system using public and private aspects.

Deep Dive: Demystifying Digital Video Network Distribution
Our deep dive explains the inner workings of digital video distribution, explaining the often confusing aspects of what goes into the system.

Technology Brief on Control Rooms
With many different video wall display options available, it can be a challenge to choose the right components. This paper will provide a guide for tech­nol­ogy and product selection.

Partner Resource: 3 Ways to Make Your Meeting Room Easy to Use
Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to meeting room collaboration. Our Partner Resource explains three ways to make your meeting room easier to use.

Partner Resource: How to Improve Audio and Video Quality in the Meeting Room
Whether it be for presentations, collaborations, or videoconferencing purposes, audio and video play a huge part in our daily meetings. Our Partner Resource explains how to fix problems with and improve your audiovisual system.

Technologies To Help Keep Your Enterprise Secure Against BYOD Threats
Find out how to guard your enterprise from threats posed by employees using their own devices for work.

Deep Dive: Tame Wide Open Office Spaces with AV
Open office space is an increasing trend. Find out how to integrate tech into your space.

Partner Resource: Three Best Practices for Overcoming BYOD Challenges
BYOD doesn't have to be a tech manager's nightmare. These three best practices, provided by integration firm AVI-SPL, will help you to create a successful and secure mobile environment for your organization.

The Difference Between Single-chip DLP and LCD Projection Technology
This white paper focuses on single-chip DLP and LCD projection technology. It will give you an overview of each of these technologies and will address color reproduction, use cases, image quality, pixel visibility and more.

Getting Your Corporate Network Ready for BYOD
Download this Guide to Getting Your Corporate Network Ready for BYOD which provides tips from IT experts on how to ensure your organization’s Bring Your Own Device roll out is solidly designed taking into consideration: security; change of employment status; liability; who pays?; administrative infrastructure; permissions and policies; your wireless network and making the ROI case.

Case Study - Sound Masking in Corporate Environments
Learn how a design team of a new corporate building used sound masking to solve the acoustical issues that came with a three-story lobby with large windows, exposed ventilation and steel beams, open layout office areas, open ceilings, short glass workstation barriers, private offices with glass walls, and smooth concrete flooring.

How do you solve the issue of noise in the open-space work environment? Add more noise.