How the Electronic Security Industry Protected the Men’s Shelter of Charlotte
By Scott Goldfine · August 24, 2015 • The North Carolina's Men's Shelter of Charlotte, a shelter that houses homeless men while they get back on their feet, was using an old CCTV system for the security of their facility and clients for too long. When Kurt Kottkamp of Enterprise Security Systems learned about the shelter's situation it initiated a conversation that led to a brand new system and install for the shelter. Learn how industry altruism helped the Men's Shelter of Charlotte stay secure.

Interview: Mike Kilian of Mvix Talks Video Walls
By Jonathan Blackwood · September 1, 2015 • Mike Kilian is the Director of Business Development for Mvix, a provider and installer of video wall displays and solutions. Corporate TechDecisions spoke with Mike about some of the considerations that tech decisions makers should have when thinking about installing or purchasing a video wall in their offices of lobby.

Mass Notification Systems: Warning Isn’t Enough
By TD Staff · August 31, 2015 • Mass notification systems work to inform a large group of an impending or current safety issue in a timely manner. Mass notification systems, as most technologies, have evolved over the years to incorporate so much more than what their fire alarm ancestors were capable of. Our document will explain some of the different types of systems you can install in your building, and how to keep up with them to ensure they are useful in case of an emergency.

Christie Introduces Captiva Series Laser Phosphor Projectors
By TechDecisions Staff · August 28, 2015 • Previewed at InfoComm recently, where it won a Best of Show award, the series features super-quiet performance and long lasting 20,000 hours of powerful lamp-free operation. It achieves full brightness within seconds, with the capability to move into standby mode with no cool down period. Christie Captiva ships in September 2015 with a three-year parts and labor warranty.

Custom Conference Table Hides Impressive AV System in Executive Boardroom
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 27, 2015 • When Incyte Corporation relocated its US headquarters there were a number of AV systems that needed to be installed. In addition, the company had aesthetic concerns for their new headquarters. In the Executive Boardroom, these two ideas came together to produce a custom built conference table that houses a sophisticated presentation system.

Rapid Growth may be Harming your Business
By John Greene · August 26, 2015 • In today's digital age it is very possible for a company to grow extremely rapidly. Marketing campaigns can catch on and go viral, great new products can be shared in an instant and services like Uber can become a game-changer that thousands and millions can start utilizing seemingly at the same time. This isn't always a good thing, as companies aren't always equipped to handle a large uptick in production in a short amount of time. Read on to learn some tips on how to control growth and sustain your business.

New Functionality Extends Use of One-Touch Dial-In App to Conference Room Phones
By TechDecisions Staff · August 25, 2015 • MobileDay extends services with Push, a one-touch dial in option for conference calls.

Increasing Burden on AV Infrastructure Calls for Better Bandwidth
By Robert Archer · August 21, 2015 • As the video market continues its adoption of 4K and audio moves into a new era of object-based surround formats, the need for better, faster bandwidth comes into focus.

My Day with Bose and Tom Brady
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 20, 2015 • Last year Bose officially became the official headset provider for the NFL. However, the story behind these headsets starts over three years ago. I was able to visit Gillette Stadium and try out these new headsets on the sidelines before the Patriots’ first preseason game against the Green Bay Packers. It taught me a lot about the company and the tech that they create.

The Challenges of Security in Office Environments
By Christopher Calisi · August 19, 2015 • While companies almost always safeguard their offices with access control, surveillance and other security measures, while at the same time utilizing software to safeguard data in their network, there is a third danger that is almost always overlooked. Verbal disclosure of sensitive data can be overheard and used to cause just as much damage as a data breach. Sound masking can help to alleviate this danger.

Top 15 Corporate Market Integrators of 2015
By TechDecisions Staff · August 18, 2015 • These innovative, market-leading firms offer advice on how to stay at the forefront of this vast integration vertical.

Existing Auditorium Upgrades AV and Adds Video Distribution
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 17, 2015 • Future Electronics’ Quebec office often invited customers and clients to their offices for presentations about different business practices. When the existing AV equipment no longer met the needs of the company, they hired PFT Solutions to revamp the company’s tech. Included were video distribution capabilities to simulcast presentations across two overflow room and a Main Dining Hall 300-feet away.

Connect ONE Offers Expanded Access Control Capabilities
By TechDecisions Staff · August 14, 2015 • Connected Technologies has released an Access Expander for Connect ONE that allows for a broader scope of integration capabilities from a single access control panel. Companies will be able to control energy offerings as well as security on a single platform.

7 BYOD Considerations for Your Enterprise
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 13, 2015 • BYOD is a trend that is slowly becoming expected from employees. There are benefits on both side of the relationship – increased efficiency and more time devoted to work from the employee, and comfort and ease of use for the employee. Before initiating a BYOD policy, however, there are some things to take under consideration.

Intelligent Integration of AV and IT: The Premiere Issue of Enterprise
By TD Staff · August 12, 2015 • This premiere issue of Enterprise from Crestron provides the insight you need to increase your organization's productivity and efficiency right now. Learn about managed solutions that can be put into place today, leverage your existing infrastructure, security protocols and applications, while expanding your capabilities. This FREE download also covers optimizing workflows, workspace design, resources and uptime, as well as real-world case studies about companies just like yours.

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