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Projectors vs. Screens: Which Suits Your Needs Best?
Projectors and display screens are two very different technologies that serve similar purposes. We explain the benefits and setbacks of each system to help you decide which is best for your needs.

Global Consulting Firm Installs Audiovisual Overhaul in MA Office Expansion
When Innosight expanded to the first floor of their office in Lexington, MA, they needed up-to-date audiovisual solutions to help interact with clients. Red Thread provided integration to several rooms including the corporate lobby, business design lab, café , and conferencing areas.

NYC Advertising Firm Integrates Giant Video Display System in New Corporate Office
When Havas needed a system to display presentations for bus advertisements, Verrex helped them to install a tri-screen projection system in main presentation room.

Inside a Decision to Greet Visitors with a Big, Bold Video Wall
When Raven Industries needed a cutting edge video display system for ITS corporate lobby IT called on Christie and ITS MicroTile technology. The angled display system highlights the company's mission to stay on the forefront of technological advancement.

Projectors Vs. Displays: Tips for Making AV Purchasing Decisions for Your Corporate Meeting Space
AVI-SPL's vice president of Display Technology, talks choosing A/V presentation systems for your corporate meeting space. Find out what you need to know before investing in either a projector or flat panel display for corporate conference rooms.

Choosing Between Single-chip DLP and LCD Projection Technology
This white paper focuses on single-chip DLP and LCD projection technology. It will give you an overview of each of these technologies and will address color reproduction, use cases, image quality, pixel visibility and more.

2014 TechDecisions Guide to 28 Pico Projectors
2014 product guide to 28 pico projectors. Under 1,000 lumens, but these ultra portable projectors go where you need them and can project a surprisingly large image. Pico projectors are super useful for smaller-sized environments, impromptu meetings and for traveling. There are a multitude of products out there so your choice really depends on your application.

2014 TechDecisions Guide to Over 45 Mid-sized, Business Projectors
Mid-sized projectors are the workhorses of the presentation market. Their versatility makes them the go to devices for nearly every organization for meeting rooms and classrooms. This guide instructs you on how to chose the best model for your needs by providing a step-by-step decision-tree.

Epson GT-S85 Scans at Lightning Speeds
The WorkForce Pro has speeds up to 80ipm and a duty cycle of 3,000 sheets.

HD Videoconferencing and Lecture Capture System Connects 19 Campuses
Distance learning at its best. Dalhouse University built an A/V system to connect 19 campuses with high-definition face to face lecture capture and videoconferencing capability and high quality audio visual technology.

Barco to Unveil New Projector Ranges During 10 Days of Corporate AV
Barco presents "10 Days of Corporate AV," a platform from which the company will introduce their new visualization portfolio for corporate A/V. Over the next 10 days (starting today and ending Sept. 27), Barco will continue to spotlight the new players in the projection line.

MindBending AV: 7 Extreme Interactive Installations
Interactive technology can serve a variety of purposes and can be created using a variety of different approaches. One of the more practical applications of the interactive model is found in multi-touch, both infrared and touch screens, but any approach to documenting changes in an environment can bring about an interactive response. Cameras for example can be used to bridge an environment and a piece of technology. One of the best examples of cameras at work in an interactive installation is Microsoft's Kinect camera--a camera used by developers to create immersive virtual spaces and for robotics.

Screen Innovations’ Black Diamond Motorized Screen is Now Available in More Sizes
Screen Innovations (SI) has announced that they will be exhibiting the newly updated Black Diamond Motorized screen at this year’s CEDIA Expo 2013. The Black Diamond Motorized screen is now available in a diagonal design up to 138 in. and can be configured with either a 16:9 or 2.35:1 aspect ratio with a flush or external mount.

NEC Announces New V Series Projectors for Small Meeting Rooms
NEC has announced two new projectors: the V311X (XGA) and the V311W (WXGA) for classrooms and small meeting rooms. Both offer 3100 lumens and power saving options.

InFocus Announces the Release of Two New Short-throw Projectors
InFocus, a manufacturer of interactive touch screen devices and digital display technology, has released two new ultra-short-throw projectors. The projectors, the IN134UST and IN136UST, are designed with an ultra-short-throw lens, for projection when installed only inches from the wall.

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