CorpComm & EduComm 2016 To Be Held in Chicago
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 13, 2015 • CorpComm & EduComm announce its new location for the 2016 conference.

Interview: Nic Grange Talks Mobile Application Designs for Businesses
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 13, 2015 • TechDecisions spoke with Nic Grange, CTO of Retriever Communications, about mobile app designs for business.

How Sustainable Architecture Married AV in Business Interiors Conference Spaces
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 12, 2015 • When Business Interiors updated its conference spaces with new AV, the goal was to create spaces where vendors could train and present to customers. Utilizing a unique architectural system, Dirtt, the project created some interesting audiovisual specification. Corona Integrated Systems rose to meet the challenge in a short time frame.

CEOs and CIOs: How to Use Military Strategies to Help Ward Off Cyber Security Threats
By John Greene · November 11, 2015 • C-suite leaders tend to underestimate the cyber threats—a leadership failure that puts everyone at risk. Instead, take a lesson from the U.S. military.

Upgrade Corporate Headquarters With Digital Signage
By Maria Caligiuri · November 10, 2015 • Don't waste your end of the year budget. Consider purchasing digital signage solutions to upgrade your office.

New Products Announced at NEC Display Solutions’ Partner Showcase 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 9, 2015 • NEC Display Solutions, designers of projection and display technology, holds its annual Partner Showcase in NYC every year. This year’s show saw some new announcements for cool new tech, as well as the familiar NEC products that have impressed us all year long.

Forbes’s Five Technologies to Integrate into Businesses
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 6, 2015 • Forbes compiled a list of 5 new technologies that companies should start to consider integrating into businesses.

A 706 Foot Tower Deserves a 323 Square Foot Video Wall
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 5, 2015 • The Miami Worldcenter is the second largest urban development in the United States, and the PARAMOUNT residential tower being constructed there promises to be just as larger-than-life. When a sales gallery was constructed to help sell the condominiums as the tower went up, employees needed a way to showcase the animations and renderings of what the spaces would look like. A 323 square foot Planar video wall was constructed in the space to show just how impressive the PARAMOUNT tower condominiums would be.

Why More Enterprise Cloud Spending Means Big Money for Integrators
By Daniel L. Newman · November 4, 2015 • Mid-market C-suite executives today are recognizing the value of cloud technology. What does that mean for CIOs and integrators?

Star Wars Infographic Shows Light and Dark Side of Videoconferencing
By TechDecisions Staff · November 3, 2015 • In celebration of the much anticipated Star Wars movie, InFocus created a great new infographic that showcases the most common conference call personalities (good and bad) in Star Wars fashion.

How to Interact on Today’s Videoconferencing Systems
By Dan Daley · November 2, 2015 • Videoconferencing systems have become so sophisticated that they have almost surpassed reality, creating a hyper-real, immersive experience that can be compared to science fiction. These systems work best when human interaction and technological advancement are married to create the best experience.

ISE 2016 Sells Out Floor Space for First 4-Day Show
By D. Craig MacCormack · October 30, 2015 • Organizers expect more than 60,000 people to roam the halls of RAI for biggest event of its kind.

How AV Technology is Being Used to Improve Sales
By TD Staff · October 29, 2015 • Are your sales teams using AV systems yet to seal the deal? Here’s how videoconferencing, presentation and collaboration helps shorten the sales cycle.

LED Lights Ease Employee Pains at New Westcor Offices
By TechDecisions Staff · October 29, 2015 • When Westcor Land Title Company moved out of its office to a new, 20,000-plus square foot space, a major concern came when installing a lighting system. The company’s previous system had been a burden on employees, who often complained about eye strain and headaches from the buzzing of lights. Westcor installed Cree LED lighting for a number of reasons, and employees couldn’t be happier with the new solution.

Is Unified Communications, Unifying Communications
By Dan Newman · October 28, 2015 • Unified communications has yet to be defined by the industry. There are many versions and many arguments about what unified communications actually means.

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