Is Unlimited Cloud Storage Even Possible?
By Jonathan Blackwood · December 1, 2015 • Many companies have touted unlimited cloud storage. Most have failed when put to the test.

​Visual Collaboration in the Digital Workplace
By TD Staff · November 30, 2015 • ​Exploring how IT leaders can promote employee agility and engagement through a consumerized work environment, a business strategy known as the digital workplace.

Insights from InfoComm’s 2015 AV Corporate End-User Market Study
By TechDecisions Staff · November 30, 2015 • InfoComm’s extensive studies give insight into the purchasing decisions and technological concerns of end users across several markets.

Cybersecurity: How Hackers Identify, Penetrate Weak Company IP Networks
By Michelle Mocalis · November 27, 2015 • Hackers identify specific IP networks -- not companies -- to expose and sell to other hackers.

Giving Thanks: 6 Technology Moments I’m Most Grateful For
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 26, 2015 • Here are some of the tech products, news and events I’m grateful to have covered in my time with the publication so far.

Full-Scale Security Solution Installed at Orlando Eye
By TechDecisions Staff · November 25, 2015 • Axis Communications, Milestone Systems, Open Options and Signature Systems of Florida teamed up to secure the venue.

Gauging the Impact of the Ericsson and Cisco Partnership
By Jonathan Blackwood · November 24, 2015 • We discuss the analysis of the partnership between the two industry leaders in networking, mobility and cloud.

This Video Wall Helps Corporate Retreat in Paris Facilitate Collaboration
By TechDecisions Staff · November 23, 2015 • Châteauform’ City Le Cnit is a professional corporate retreat in Paris that allows guests a comfortable space outside of the workplace to relax and get to know co-workers while providing meeting spaces and fine dining. The company recently installed a MultiTaction iWall in order to further facilitate collaboration and cohesions among team members.

Commercial Integrator’s Brand Preference Survey Reveals Integrator Loyalties
By D. Craig MacCormack · November 20, 2015 • Cross-section of integrators and others in installation space share their feelings on brands they use on the job. The results may surprise you.

Implementing a Security Governance Program to Mitigate Risk through Communication
By Pierre Bourgeix and Matt Neely · November 19, 2015 • Issues or misinterpretations during communications can be security threats. Governance has potential to alleviate these risks.

BYOD Should Focus on Business Over Technology
By David Fuller · November 18, 2015 • The bring your own device movement is introducing new technology into the workplace, but is that tech working toward business goals?

How Cloud-Based Control Is Taking the Industry to the Next Level
By TD Staff · November 17, 2015 • An introduction to the new face of AV control & stories of how cloud-based control is taking the industry to the next level.

Pell Study: U.S. Cybersecurity Preparedness Presents ‘Grim Picture’
By TechDecisions Staff · November 17, 2015 • While all 50 states are investing in broadband communications, only eight states were deemed equipped to deal with current and emerging threats from cyber espionage.

Inside Verrex’s Neverending World Tour
By Tom LeBlanc · November 17, 2015 • Verrex learned hard lessons as it expanded internationally. It now applies those lessons to thriving domestic and revitalized global businesses.

Study Finds Interesting Data on How Companies Are Managing Cyber Risk
By TechDecisions Staff · November 17, 2015 • SMU Darwin Deason Institute for Cyber Security studies how financial, retail, healthcare and government sectors manage cyber risk.

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​Visual Collaboration in the Digital Workplace
​Exploring how IT leaders can promote employee agility and engagement through a consumerized work environment, a business strategy known as the digital workplace.
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