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6 File Sharing Apps for Mobile Devices
Document sharing is a huge part of any business, and in today’s fast-paced climate it’s important that transferring files is simple and easy. Here are six apps to help.

Five Mobile Devices for Employees On the Move
Employees are increasingly out of the office, but they want to keep working. Mobile devices allow for both.

Apple and IBM Announce Mobile Business Software Partnership
Apple and IBM recently announced a partnership to create over 100 business software applications for iOS. The companies hope to expand the reach of both enterprises into the corporate market.

4 Apps for Data Monitoring That Will Save You Money
Data monitoring apps ensure that you have complete control over your data usage. From monitoring to managing, these apps not only create visualizations for your usage, but allow you to set limits according to your monthly plan. Whether there is a monetary fee for going over on your data plan or services restrictions for over use, these apps not only save you money and time, but make sure that your device is always functioning to the standard that you want--and if it isn't, you can easily troubleshoot.

5 Comprehensive Urban Transit Apps for 24/7 Travel Aid
Spending time in a new city on vacation can be frustrating, getting lost in a city on business even more so. With comprehensive transit apps you can take care of taxi fare, find transit and pay for parking all from your smart device. The convenience offered through transit apps allows you to focus on being where your going and less time trying to figure out how to get there.

7 Pro Mobile Apps for Streamlined Workflow
There are a lot of products that help businesses and organization manage their workflow. As videoconferencing and real time file sharing and editing has be come the standard for intracompany communications, it make sense that the software your institution is standardized on would also be available on your smart device. Workflow management apps can range from something as simple as an eSignature application to something as complex as inventory management and productivity data visualization. These apps not only offer you the same information as conventional workflow software, but give you the mobility to monitor, and react if needed, the work that your peers and colleagues are doing.

5 Comprehensive Sensor Diagnostic Apps for Android and iOS
As mobile devices become more robust, designers are implementing more internal sensors, both digital and kinetic, to increase the functionality of apps and offer more options for OS developers to integrate into their products. Kinetic sensors like gyroscopes, accelerators, GPS and altitude are essential to apps that track the movement of your device. And, digital sensors like touch sensitivity, audio and mic levels, screen density and pixel counts, define how your device appears and functions.

14 Professional and Enterprise Grade Productivity and Utility Apps for the Office
Paper, paper everywhere and not a space to think. Consolidate your workplace with professional corporate apps that get rid of paper trails and streamline business as you know it. There are many different options for corporate apps. From Evernote products to business-wide software suites, which can be accessed with corresponding mobile apps, developers have made it easy for workplaces to access, share and manage content electronically. With corporate apps, developers have taken software consolidation to another level.

3 Pro Audio Apps for Measuring Impulse Response
Impulse response refers to the way a dynamic system reacts to an external change. In the context of sound, this refers to how the system reacts to any signal input. Just as white and pink noise test the range and sound of your sound system, impulse response physically maps how the signal being sent through the system exists as a function of time. With mobile apps, finding the right impulse response app can be tasking. Specifically, the convenience of all-in-one audio toolboxes from developers like Studio Six Digital, offer comparable features and tools to measure impulse response, but often require in-app purchases or force customers to dig through features and settings to find the most efficient way to display the data.

The Internet of Things and Security: Will Cisco Hold the Answer?
Cisco is offering $300,000 to the top blueprint to help push the Internet of things model forward as a safe and viable model for the private and public sector. According to Cisco in a prepared statement, of the $300,000 there will be prizes ranging from $50,000 to $75,000, roughly producing about 6 different winning blueprints for the company to pursue. The contest is open to participants around the world and will provide much needed security for industries ranging from manufacturing to the smart grid.

4 Pro Finance Apps to Keep Tabs on Your Business
Intuit's Quicken 2014 introduces a new tier of mobile functionality that is pushing what a mobile device can do for you. The movement from the mobile device as a utility to an intricate part of our involvement with technology offers up the mobile device as an efficient, single solution for most personal and professional technology that has come before it. Professional expense tracking and accounting finance apps are great for handling your money. From personal purchases to invoice and contract management, these robust apps are tailored for you to use as your budget or business model sees fit.

Managing Your OS Ecosystem: 10 Apps to Get the Most Out of Your Mobile Device
Each operating system (OS) in the mobile market relies on a handful of proprietary or mission critical apps that accomplish all of your basic needs. Specifically, based on the common uses of mobile devices, OS's feature the most comprehensive email, file sharing and contact networking apps in order to give customers the basic tools they need to get the most out of their devices. Customers transitioning straight from web applications to their smart device will mostly like be entering the market with a bias towards their most trusted products. Google and Microsoft all offer products that can be accessed online as well as on a mobile device. Products like email services with congruent cloud drives and proprietary social networks have grown with mobile technology and are accurately replicated and developed further on mobile devices.

New for 2014: Pro Audio Mobile Interfaces from NAMM and Beyond
With new opportunities to opt for mobile devices over desktop consoles, pro sound manufacturers are also focusing on bringing their live sound products up to grade with complete USB functionality. Featuring gain control and phantom power, the newest USB compatible mics are developed to perform at the same level as normal live sound or studio mics. With this in mind, owning and using a completely mobile live sound set-up is no longer irrational, but a viable option for controlled, efficient and quick live sound set up and management.

6 Battery Management Apps for Your Mobile Device
A dead battery is a useless battery, check out this collection of apps that ensure you can predict when your device is running fine and when you need to plug it in. In this collection of battery management apps, the goal is to present a group of apps that will not only let you keep track of how your device is delegating its power, but chose which settings are absolutely necessary and which ones are not to make sure your battery lasts as long as it can without allowing too much precious juice to dissipate in inefficient ways.

UPDATED: 15 Must Have Apps for Cloud Backup and File Access for iOS and Android
Manage, share and backup your Android or iOS device with these great Cloud backup and access apps. Check out apps from developers like Genie-Soft, Google Inc., Mozy Inc., Genie9, ClockworkMod, AgileSoft Resource, Jungle Disk, LLC and iDar LLC

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