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Could Cloud Infrastructure Follow the Same Model as Utilities?
By TechDecisions Staff · July 22, 2016 • In the world of the Internet of Things, connecting to the cloud will become as important as connecting to the electrical grid. So should we follow that model?

When Planning a Project Make AV Part of the Construction Plan
By Chris Johnson · July 21, 2016 • Chris Johnson, CTO, corporate and enterprise for Diversified explains the importance of prioritizing AV during the construction phase of projects to ensure technology performs optimally.

5 VoIP Capabilities That You Should Learn About
By TechDecisions Staff · July 20, 2016 • VoIP has been taking over the corporate communications world for some time now, but people still aren’t aware of all of the features.

Microsoft is Getting into the Marijuana Game
By TechDecisions Staff · July 19, 2016 • No, you won’t be buying dime bags from your local Microsoft store. But the company is partnering with Kind Financial to provide software to the cannabis industry.

Why Video Conferencing is No Longer Enough: Raising the Bar for Collaboration
By Dana Corey · July 18, 2016 • Collaboration has evolved continuously. Once it meant working together in a room. Not long after it meant video conferencing across the country or world. Today it means a whole lot more than simple video conferencing.

Business Environments Will Change Thanks to the Internet of Things
By Daniel Newman · July 15, 2016 • Augmented reality and the Internet of Things is going to change the world, and as a part of that the way we do business, and where we do business, will change.

Insights from InfoComm: Where Is Technology Headed?
By George Tucker · July 14, 2016 • The industry is constantly attempting to identify, explain and predict which technologies will be adapted by consumers, and InfoComm 2016 revealed plenty of insight as to where technology and the industry is headed.

Microsoft Surface Hub Ready to Install After Delays
By D. Craig MacCormack · July 13, 2016 • AVI-SPL, Red Thread among launch partners who’ve helped Microsoft craft all-in-one collaboration platform into something people want.

Cisco and IBM Announce First Solution to Come From Corporate Partnership
By TechDecisions Staff · July 12, 2016 • After the announcement of the companies’ partnership last month, Cisco and IBM give insight into what the first solution offering will entail.

The Most Important Aspects of Payment Security
By Kendall Reed · July 11, 2016 • Payment security is important on two fronts. First you need to make sure not to lose customer information for fear of lawsuits or public embarrassment. Second you have to make sure that the payments are being processes correctly to protect your bottom line. Here is some info to help out.

How Microphones Were Chosen for Pixar’s Finding Dory
By TechDecisions Staff · July 8, 2016 • Independent engineer and scoring mixer Tommy Vicari CAS explains why he chose Royer Labs and condenser microphones from Mojave Audio for the major Pixar Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures production.

Evolving Collaboration: Leaping Barriers, Managing Content, Getting Work Done
By Ron Hovsepian · July 7, 2016 • The ways in which we build partnerships, strengthen customer relationships, streamline supplier processes and drive business forward are changing dramatically. Securely sharing and collaborating on high-value content across company barriers and geographic boundaries are essential to accelerating business.

HP Is Going to Offer Computers as a Service
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 6, 2016 • HP Inc. will allow enterprises to pay a per employee monthly fee in exchange for renting out computer equipment.

Five Things to Look for in an Analytics Solution
By David Sweenor · June 30, 2016 • In order to succeed with analytics, organizations first have to the build the right culture, ask the right questions, and set the right expectations.

The Future of Displays: 15 Innovations from the InfoComm Show Floor
By TechDecisions Staff · June 29, 2016 • LCD video wall systems, retractable screen technology and never-before-seen LED cabinet designs were just a few of the display solutions at InfoComm 2016 that are leading the way in display technology.

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