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Local Bank Completes Secure and Quick Extension of LAN/WAN
By TD Staff · May 11, 2015 • With the help of On-Line Communications, Fluidmesh, D+H, and Business Solutions Enterprises, Metuchen Savings Bank in New Jersey was able to upgrade from their outdated laser system in order to extend LAN/WAN between the branch and two administration buildings.

How to Use the “Value on Investment” Formula to Determine a Technology’s ROI
By Bill McIntosh · May 8, 2015 • Synergy Media Group CEO Bill McIntosh demonstrates how the "value on investment" formula can better determine the ROI of a technology.

Screen Innovations Recruited by NASA for Space Station Project
By TD Staff · May 6, 2015 • NASA wished to add a projection screen to the International Space Station. The problem was that no existing technology fit the limited space with enough flexibility to be added to the ISS. They reached out to Screen Innovations to create a custom screen to add to the ISS technological catalog.

Energy Company Installs Brand New Whiteboard Technology
By Jonathan Blackwood · April 30, 2015 • When the wife of an employee that works for SMART Technologies first heard about kapp, she introduced the product to her husband. Immediately he saw the benefit for collaboration and presentation in the product. After showing kapp to Tarpon’s General Manager, the company procured their first system.

Security Lessons from the Anthem Data Breach
By Jonathan Blackwood · April 29, 2015 • With companies transitioning documents to digital, it’s important to keep that information secure. We can learn a lot from data breaches that have already occurred.

Making Hyperscale Data Centers a Reality for Enterprise
By M.H. Raza · April 24, 2015 • To meet or exceed end users’ performance expectations, network infrastructure must transform in a way that makes hyperscale accessible to enterprise, rather than limiting it to the massive data centers of cloud providers.

Rockbot Brings Music and Choice to Corporate Office
By Jonathan Blackwood · April 23, 2015 • When Quicken Loans installed Rockbot into their corporate office it was the first time that music would be played throughout the office. Employees, able to choose the songs that play based on up-votes and down-votes, quickly took to the new practice.

Interview: BrightSign CEO Predicts Future of 4K
By TD Staff · April 22, 2015 • BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings discusses the growing demand for 4K content, the lower end of the digital signage market and if PCs will continue to be utilized in the space.

Using CPQ to Deal with Business Growth
By Jonathan Blackwood · April 17, 2015 • Configure, price, and quote software allows for a number of advantages to businesses, especially those trying to sustain growth.

AccuWeather Chooses 4K Display for Interactive StoryTeller Solution
By TD Staff · April 16, 2015 • AccuWeather saw so much success with their StoryTeller solution that their vendors couldn’t keep up. ViewSonic stepped in to help meet the high demand.

How to Tell Video Surveillance Management and Situational Awareness Apart
By Michael Mesaros · April 15, 2015 • Learn the definitive differences between video management systems (VMS) and physical security information management (PSIM) systems.

Is Demand for Huddle Rooms Cooling?
By TD Staff · April 7, 2015 • The huddle room has incorporated technology and turned collaboration into something simple, easy, and innovative. But what does the future look like for these spaces?

Collaboration Solution Allows for Simple BYOD at TriZetto
By Jonathan Blackwood · April 6, 2015 • When TriZetto decided to build an Executive Briefing Center for client presentation and collaboration, they needed a solution that could keep them secure. Mersive helped cater their Solstice solution to meet all of TriZetto’s needs.

Benefits of Automated Payment Processing In Manufacturing
By Warren Glick · April 3, 2015 • Warren Glick of ACOM Solutions explains the benefits of Automated payment processing in manufacturing.

Is the Return On Investment Metric Dead?
By TD Staff · April 2, 2015 • Return on investment has long been the way that tech decision managers justify their purchases. But some think we need to add to the equation.

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