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InfoComm 2014: 9 Videoconferencing Solutions from the Showroom Floor
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 24, 2014 • Corporate Tech Decisions saw a large number of videoconferencing solutions at InfoComm 2014. From videoconferencing suites to mobile videoconferencing to cloud-based services, videoconferencing was showcased all over the showroom floor. Tech Decisions gives you nine of our favorite solutions.

InfoComm 2014: Unified Communication and Collaboration
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 17, 2014 • Unified communication is a term in flux. It doesn't have a standard definition. Integrators and end users alike are trying to find a way to interconnect technology to provide quicker and more efficient production.

Energy Crisis: Six Solutions To Help Reduce Consumption
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 12, 2014 • Tech Decisions lists six solutions for saving energy and money. Help your company reduce emissions, consumption, and costly utility bills.

Inside a Decision to Greet Visitors with a Big, Bold Video Wall
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 9, 2014 • When Raven Industries needed a cutting edge video display system for ITS corporate lobby IT called on Christie and ITS MicroTile technology. The angled display system highlights the company's mission to stay on the forefront of technological advancement.

Is BYOD a CIO’s Worst Nightmare?
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 5, 2014 • Employees use their personal devices for work both within and outside of the office. With the network exposed to outside threats, and with sensitive information leaving the safety of the network, how do technology decision makers protect their company?

16 Video Conferencing Solutions at InfoComm
By TD Staff · June 4, 2014 • InfoComm 2014 will show off a scattering of new videoconferencing technology solutions. Check out our slideshow before you see them in person.

The Goal of Corporate Tech Decisions
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 29, 2014 • Here at Corporate Tech Decisions we have a goal to save companies converting to new technologies those most irreplaceable of all assets: time and money.

Hybrid Clouds an Emerging Solution in Large Enterprises
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 27, 2014 • A combination of public and private cloud environments are allowing companies to monitor and control security for stored data, while saving on pricey services from private cloud systems.

5 Comprehensive Urban Transit Apps for 24/7 Travel Aid
By TD Staff · May 1, 2014 • Spending time in a new city on vacation can be frustrating, getting lost in a city on business even more so. With comprehensive transit apps you can take care of taxi fare, find transit and pay for parking all from your smart device. The convenience offered through transit apps allows you to focus on being where your going and less time trying to figure out how to get there.

Interactivity Hits the Big Screen
By Dan Daley · May 1, 2014 • Trade shows are where people get to see cutting-edge AV technologies in action, and that was the case at last year’s InfoComm Show, in June in Orlando, where display manufacturer Planar teamed up with interactive design, software, and user experience (UX) developer IdentityMine to show how large-scale, interactive digital signage can be made accessible to human-sized hands.

Workflow Automation Can Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line
By Seth Robinson · April 22, 2014 • Cloud computing and mobility are broadening the use of technology throughout organizations and creating opportunities to revamp workflow. Business Process Automation (BPA) is one such area that’s poised for expansion in the coming years, not just among traditional enterprise-size companies, but among small and medium-sized businesses as well.

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center Goes Big, Tall And Wide With Digital Signage
By Daniel P. Dern · April 14, 2014 • Like a growing number of civic and convention centers, the Boston Convention &Exhibition Center (BCEC) on Summer Street in the Seaport District, and the Hynes Convention Center downtown in Boston's Back Bay, have networks of digital signs. The BCEC currently has 31 plasma displays and the John B. Hynes Veterans Memorial Convention Center (a.k.a. "the Hynes") has 21, all strategically placed in public areas inside the facilities. But the BCEC, which opened in 2004 and is the largest convention center in New England, is the first, and still the only convention center with a larger Digital Display Program, consisting of a marquee media tower outside, and a video wall inside.

Understanding RF Antennas: Best Practices for Setting up Your Wireless Mic System
By George Tucker, CTS · April 11, 2014 • Wireless microphones are a popular technology because they provide freedom of movement, without the danger of anyone getting tangled in or tripping over cables. Radio Frequency (RF) microphones are favored because, for the most part, they are easy to set up and are typically reliable---except when they are not. George Tucker, CTS provides some basic troubleshooting tips.

Using 4K Video with Digital Signage
By Daniel P. Dern · April 10, 2014 • Step aside, High-definition TV -- there's a new, better-looking technology in town, "4K Video,” and digital signage is one of the first places it is being put to use.

How to Purchase A Rack: Best Practices for Buying, In­stal­ling and Utili­zing a Rack System
By Curtis Emery · April 10, 2014 • When making the right decision while purchasing a rack, or series of racks, it is important to make sure the product you are purchasing is ideal for your installation. Different types of rack formats apply to specific applications and since racks are an essential piece of hardware for almost every AV or IT installation, choosing the most effective rack format is paramount for a successful installation. Below, Tim Troast, Director of Physical Infrastructure Products at Middle Atlantic, discusses best practices when choosing, installing and utilizing rack formats in different types of infrastructures.

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