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What’s Involved in Deploying Interactive Digital Wayfinding
Wayfinding digital signage is a solution for providing directions and in-depth information on a campus or building site. The tools needed and the options available for content are numerous. This article explains them.

HD Videoconferencing and Lecture Capture System Connects 19 Campuses
Distance learning at its best. Dalhouse University built an A/V system to connect 19 campuses with high-definition face to face lecture capture and videoconferencing capability and high quality audio visual technology.

The Benefits of Integrating Wayfinding with Digital Signage and Who’s Using it Now
Wayfinding digital signage is the perfect way to provide directions around your facility, provide information about your amenities and add branding to your signage.

Seamless A/V Control in 45 Rooms of Corporate Headquarters
Henkel Dial needed new AV systems in a total of 45 rooms, including a 60-seat training room/lecture hall, conference rooms, executive boardroom, cafeteria, mezzanine and a focus room.

Corporate Building Automation 101 - Learn How to Save Thousands to Millions of Dollars Every Year
Building owners are saving thousands to millions of dollars every year by deploying building automation. Automation systems control a group of interlinked networks and devices, each of which monitors, manages, and controls one aspect of a facility’s core operations, services, and utilities. The facility could be corporate offices, K-12, college or university campuses, health care, hotels, retail spaces, commercial, industrial, institutional, scientific, or increasingly, residential. The range of systems is vast, spanning electrical, HVAC, mechanical, plumbing, security, safety, telecommunications and transportation (elevators and escalators).

13 AV and IT Pain Points from Your Corporate Peers
We decided we would ask end users, consultants, integrators, product managers and other industry experts we were interviewing for articles for TechDecisions to share some of the pain points they experience during the day. We've gotten a lot of interesting perspectives from people such as Casey Foulds from Texas Woman's University, a few execs from AVI-SPL and AT&T.

TD Integration 2013 Corporate Award Winner
GE's new $40 million, 200,000-square-foot customer information center has cutting-edge A/V topped with a jaw-dropping 58-foot-wide and 7-foot-tall Prysm LPD video wall. The center was built to "wow" both current and potential clients. There are 54 executive offices, boardrooms, training rooms, meeting rooms and other collaborative activities spaces. Crestron and Polycom are just some of the product manufacturers tapped by system integrator Advanced to complete this project.

Unified Communications Takes on BYOD
There is both good and bad to integrating a staff member's device with the organization’s unified communications system. On the one hand staff may wish to use their personal devices at work, saving on equipment costs for the organization. On the other hand support and security are not easy to deal with for IT. The key to success is to have a detailed plan.

Provide Corporate Training on a Budget
Sodexo Education turned to webcasting software company On24 to develop corporate training in an environment that looks like virtual reality. They discovered not only did it save them money (about $1.5 million in travel expenses), but that the training reached more employees and was more effective in stating the company’s message.

MindBending AV: OLED Luminaires
OLED, organic light-emitting diode, is being hailed as the next step in visual and lighting technology. This type of light source is characterized by its construction, a thin film of organic material that emits light once a current is passed through it. The result is a highly flexible luminary that is itself a light-source with no internal mechanization. With the recent availability of LG's 55-inch curved OLED television in the United States, the common presence of OLED technology is becoming more of a reality. Although this product is specifically pitted towards the visual entertainment market, OLED luminaries can be used in a variety of different applications.

Using Tablets in Digital Signage
The tablet is gaining ground in digital signage. First came the iPad and not to long after came Android-based devices. The push, aside from convenience and flexibility, cost. A $500 tablet is far more attractive than a $3,000 display. Plus these tablets are technology that users can interact with immediately, because they are familiar. Whether the tablet use is for digital menus, point of sale, wayfinding or more customized use, the ground gained by these products is growing.

Smarter Technology Creates Smarter Workspaces
A combination of daylighting and control and automation technologies will change the way we work. Today there are steps you can take to create a smarter and better workplace. Designing buildings with a great deal of window and open indoor space will help employees reach their goals and save you money.

Major Utility American Water Brings Its Security Monitoring Operation In-house.
American Water, an utility company, has brought security in house to consolidate its efforts. Taking on this responsibility, American Water realized they needed a new control center.

Quality and Affordability of Video Collaboration is Driving Unified Communication Tools Adoption
Unified Communications is now catching on thanks to the video collaboration features from top companies Cisco, Microsoft and Avaya.

MindBending AV: Revitalizing your A/V Space
Revitalizing your AV space can entail anything from re-calibrating your video equipment to overhauling your entire system--keeping your options open for new and engaging technology is a beneficial approach to getting the most out of your space. Understanding which AV trends are the most cost efficient, giving you the highest ROI for your purchase, is an important step in your process for deciding on your upgrade strategy.

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