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The Tech Behind the Bullitt Center, the World’s Greenest Office Building
Seattle’s Bullitt Center is a self-sustaining office building that is uses a host of energy-saving technologies. From solar panels to composting toilets, the building is leading the way to using green products for cost savings.

Corporate TechDecisions Guide to 30 Full-sized Line Arrays for 2013
New Full-sized Line Arrays 2013: If you are considering installing a full size line array speaker system, before you make any final decisions please carefully consider this information and review the accompanying slideshow for the many options available. Additionally you should seriously take into account the numerous variations in both size and configurations offered. (More information on these related products can be found in the following roundups previously published on the TechDecisions websites.)

Trailblazer UC Davis Builds a Practice that Defines Telemedicine
University of California at Davis’ Dr. Thomas Nesbitt explains how to best prepare your staff for telemedicine. He also describes UC Davis’ long history and provides lessons learned.

Projection Trends: Edge-Blending Enhances Large Presentations
Now multiple projectors with high lumens allow you to choose a massive screen and project complex large-sized images. The latest techniques and technologies from Christie, Barco and DPI all make such projections simple.

Jumbotron-style Videoconferencing Connects Multiple Sites with the Corporate Office
Six video conferencing rooms, including a 360-degree overhanging, retractable solution installed by AVI-SPL, helps a Texas energy company stay in contact.

How to Use 90 Percent Less Energy in Your Corporate Facility
Check out the systems that make the Earth Rangers Centre headquarters a Platinum LEED-certified. These intelligent building systems can trim energy usage by 10 percent each year and use 90 percent less energy than buildings of comparable size. You can tour this facility to learn how to implement smart building technology in your facility.

HDMI & HDBaseT: An Analog Sunset Retrospective for Corporate Facilities
HDMI and HDBaseT are technology solutions that strive to make corporate A/V installations easier. Yet each solution has it quirks and pitfalls. Which is best and when?

Large-scale Fast-food Franchisee Ties Together Major Controls for Increased Savings
MUY Brands take control of its services by integrating security, Internet service and energy control for cost savings. Controlling 229 stores, MUY Brands uses integration to manage services right down to store thermostats to gain the most returns.

USAV Members Look At Future Trends
Leaders in the A/V industry met recently to discuss what is hot, what issues they are facing and how best solve their customer's worries.

When Seconds Count, Does Your Emergency Communications System Measure Up?
Emergency notification, or mass notification, has many options, but integrating your warning "systems" and networking them is the latest solution. Another is to use a hosted solution, in which you place much of your system off-site.

How to Properly Test, Troubleshoot HDBaseT Systems

Ideas You Can Use in Your Corporate Facility? 10-foot Touchscreen is New Look of NYC Payphones
NYFi named the winner of New York City’s Reinvent Payphones Design Challenge.

Creating a Scope of Work Refines the Plans for Your A/V Project
A Scope of Work defines the design criteria, functionality requirements, timeline and outcome of the system in a way that captures your needs and establishes project expectations. What makes an effective scope of work is the balance of three main project components: system functionality, budget and time.

Jack Astor’s Flagship Gets Immersive Makeover
Restaurant Jack Astor's new A/V solution includes a jaw-dropping 5-by-5 video wall that entertains customers. The success of this installation has led the bar and grill to look at installing that size display in other locations. The video wall uses NEC Display Solutions equipment.

Iowa Casino and Racetrack Prairie Meadows Enforces Budget on Its A/V Upgrade

How do you solve the issue of noise in the open-space work environment? Add more noise.