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5 Game-changing Trends in Unified Communications
Unified Communications is trickling down from the enterprise and becoming a robust solution for smaller organizations. Its higher-end abilities are luring users away from the sometimes unreliable Skype and Google Hangouts. UC’s growing popularity means new capabilities are quickly being added.

MindBending AV: 7 Extreme Interactive Installations
Interactive technology can serve a variety of purposes and can be created using a variety of different approaches. One of the more practical applications of the interactive model is found in multi-touch, both infrared and touch screens, but any approach to documenting changes in an environment can bring about an interactive response. Cameras for example can be used to bridge an environment and a piece of technology. One of the best examples of cameras at work in an interactive installation is Microsoft's Kinect camera--a camera used by developers to create immersive virtual spaces and for robotics.

Corporate Venue Users Get Choices for Audio, Video and Lighting
Users can hold talks and make presentations in the Long Beach Convention Center. They can either hire their own integrator or use in-house A/V/L.

HDMI 2.0 Comes Supporting 4K and 32-Channel Audio
The HDMI Forum is announcing HDMI 2.0, the next version of its connection standard. The Compliance Test Specification (CTS) for the standard will be released before the end of 2013. HDMI 2.0 is backward compatible, meaning you can use existing category cable.

Managed Services for Videoconferencing: How Leveraging Outside AV and IT Experts Help Internal Corporate AV/IT Focus on the Conversation
AVI-SPL has two managing services products, Video Network Operations Center (VNOC) and the Symphony Management Platform, which is designed to work with clients and make sure their needs are met quickly or prevent problems that could appear.

Unified Communications Company Avaya Relies on the Test Drive to Make the Sale
Avaya relies on its newly acquired Radvision systems to interest potential customers in videoconferencing. The unified communications company showcases the technologies’ capabilities on an international scale and demonstrates its functionality with the help of a Crestron control system and its control app.

TechDecisions Guide to 50 Cost-effective Surface Mount Loudspeakers for Corporate Facilities
Affordable surface mounted loudspeakers between $75 and $300. Powerful and easy to use, these loudspeakers provide valuable features and will help you stay within budget. In your search for cost-effective equipment, remember to check the features and cost-effectiveness of the surface mount loudspeaker.

Kick Start: Easy Energy and Money Saving Ideas You Can Use Now in Your Corporate Facility
How to save money right now in your facility. Energy saving ideas with a really high return on investment (ROI), really easy to deploy and inexpensive to purchase. You should be acting on these now. Lutron and other lighting and energy device manufacturers have products on the market now to help with your energy saving plan.

Corporate TechDecisions Guide to 20 Smart Amplifiers
Why smart amplifiers are a good choice for corporate AV installations. But learn what not to do here first. Plus a full list of the products available now.

Comcast’s Western Division Command Center Gets the Big Picture
Comcast recently designed a new resource optimization center that featured the latest in Crestron automation (the Crestron DM-MD16X16 automation control system) and LCD displays.

Creating a Videoconferencing Culture with Your Corporate Staff
Creating a videoconferencing culture starts with your employees and how they might use it. If the tools are beneficial and the training is adequate, you may see a communication revolution.

Spectrum Changes May Threaten Wireless Mics in Your Conference Room

The New UL 2572 Standard for Mass Notification and What it Means for Corporate Facilities
Find out what the new UL 2572 standard that takes effect in April 2015 entails and how it will help corporate facilities build more effective mass notification systems. Featured in this article is Gamewell-FCI by Honeywell.

Projection Trends II: Creating Warping for Your Presentations
Image geometry correction is the latest technology incorporated into projectors to create the warping of the image. Using either graphics processing or signal processing, the latest technology can correct many imaging woes.

MindBending AV: Customized Interactive Installations
Digital signage as an application has grown from simple signage to interactive educational displays and beyond. Interactive educational installations do more than, for example, digital way finding. With all of the features of multi-touch displays, interactive installations can do pretty much anything from gameplay to providing information on designated topics. Using an interactive display is of interest for people of all ages and is a great way to share information and entertain attendees with completely customizable content specific to your organization or facility.

Our Deep Dive will give you all the information you need to know about what a video conferencing system is capable of and how it can help your company.