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GE’s Grid IQ Global Innovation Center
The GE Grid IQ Global Innovation Center is a flagship office designed especially for capturing the mindshare of potential customers. Featuring Crestron control systems, leading A/V, specially designed gym and a 58-foot video wall, this center is a stunning representation of what a corporate office should be.

10 Tips for Succeeding in Unified Communications Deployment
Dan Newman discusses the top ten tips for adding unified communications to your technology arsenal. By combining voice, video, instant messaging and more to one network-based platform, resources are freed up for both the user and IT.

WebRTC enables quick and easy Web browser-to-Web browser Videoconferencing
WebRTC is a videoconferencing standard for use with supporting Web browsers. Freely available, the standard will make waves In the industry; however, many vendors see this technology as an enhancement to their own products. Google and Mozilla are supporting this standard as a way to gain market share, while Microsoft is developing its own version of this technology.

TechDecisions Guide to 65 Small On-wall or Surface-mount Loudspeakers
Surface-mount or on-wall loudspeakers are often useful where others fail. Learn more about these overlooked gems. In the round-up check out products from Community Pro, JBL, QSC, ElectroVoice and many others.

TechDecisions Guide to 37 Large-venue High-brightness Projection Systems for Corporate Spaces
Frederick J. Ampel discusses how best to choose large-venue high-brightness projectors. He also illuminates on the history of the projector. The evolution of large image projection has now reached an unprecedented level of capability, image quality and brightness. Lumen levels near and above 30-40K are now feasible and you can pretty much find a product to meet any size screen and brightness level you could possibly imagine.

Best Music Creation Apps for iOS or Android: Analog Synths to Digital Recording Suites
From analog synths to digital recording suites, the luxury of mobile music creation apps lets you create music no matter where you are. These apps are designed for the avid musician and the musical novice alike. Easy to use, robust and just plain cool, these mobile music creation apps are must for anyone who is looking for a little more engagement in their free time.

Key Trends in Lighting Design and Integration
Trends in lighting design and integration include the use of a lighting designer in videoconferencing and other work environments and using controlling lighting wirelessly.

Power Over HDBaseT: What Is It, Why Use It?
Simplify A/V installations with Power Over HDBaseT. Two obvious benefits of providing power via network cabling are convenience and cost. Like PoE, POH means that the location doesn't need to have a power outlet nearby, or go to the cost and effort of bringing in a union electrician in order to do AC wiring. It's also much easier to centrally control devices and you can remotely power down devices to save energy or to blank the display during system maintenance. Learn more about this standard.

InfoComm Today Podcasts with AV Nation
The InfoComm Today Podcast is produced in association with AVNation. podcasts provides insight from the InfoComm 2013 executive team and other AV industry leaders. Guests include: InfoComm Executive Director and CEO David Labuskes, Allen Weidman, InfoComm Sustainability Officer and Executive Director of the STEP Foundation, Raymond Kent of Westlake Reed Leskosky, Brad Grimes, InfoComm Senior Writer/Editor, Duffy Wilbert, CTS, InfoComm Senior VP of Member Services; Betsy Jaffe, InfoComm Director of Public Relations; and Kevin Goodrich, Chief Operating Officer of Drape Kings, Jason McGraw, VP of Education and Certification Melissa Taggart

TechDecisions Guide to 11 Analog-oriented Multi-format Matrix Switches
Analog-oriented multi-format matrix switchers route multiple audio and video sources to multiple destinations. This guide showcases 11 of these devices.

Most Highly Rated Electronics Troubleshooting Apps for AV Techs
No more second guessing your math when troubleshooting a problematic piece of gear. Circuit Sidekick App for iPhone and iPad and the ElectroDroid Android App are highly recommended for AV technicians

Best Pro Lighting Design and Installation for iOS and Android
When thinking about upgrading a lighting system or even while on the job working on a lighting system, it is important to have the resources you need for any design issue, this collection of apps offer reference materials, architectural examples, and on the go set-up resources for your iOS or Android device. Check out apps from developers like International Association of Lighting Designers, Develup, Pegasus Lighting, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, B.V. and Wybron, Inc.

The Best IT Networking Apps for Admins to Keep Your Network Up and Running
The best 25 mobile apps to help keep your IT network working smoothly. iOS and Android smartphone and tablet mobile apps for across the board IT management with the swipe of a finger. From back-end coding to task management and brainstorming.

6 Points to Consider About Physical Security Information Management
Using Physical Security Information Management means making security data available to IT for an analysis of security design and whether or not it is a success. It provides users with the ability to watch whomever has moved to certain areas and to take that information and have security or IT analyze for patterns, access trends, etc. Learn more about PSIM here.

Evolution Sports Performance Created a Facility Where Music Leads the Way
With the help of integrator Audio Video Intelligence, a gym named Evolution Sports Performance is now able to create a unique environment where music follows a trainer from room to room. Using Control4 equipment and Apple’s Airport Network, trainers can control their music using their iOS devices.

Find out how to guard your enterprise from threats posed by employees using their own devices for work.