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TechDecisions Guide to 11 Analog-oriented Multi-format Matrix Switches
Analog-oriented multi-format matrix switchers route multiple audio and video sources to multiple destinations. This guide showcases 11 of these devices.

Most Highly Rated Electronics Troubleshooting Apps for AV Techs
No more second guessing your math when troubleshooting a problematic piece of gear. Circuit Sidekick App for iPhone and iPad and the ElectroDroid Android App are highly recommended for AV technicians

Best Pro Lighting Design and Installation for iOS and Android
When thinking about upgrading a lighting system or even while on the job working on a lighting system, it is important to have the resources you need for any design issue, this collection of apps offer reference materials, architectural examples, and on the go set-up resources for your iOS or Android device. Check out apps from developers like International Association of Lighting Designers, Develup, Pegasus Lighting, Philips Lumileds Lighting Company, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, B.V. and Wybron, Inc.

The Best IT Networking Apps for Admins to Keep Your Network Up and Running
The best 25 mobile apps to help keep your IT network working smoothly. iOS and Android smartphone and tablet mobile apps for across the board IT management with the swipe of a finger. From back-end coding to task management and brainstorming.

6 Points to Consider About Physical Security Information Management
Using Physical Security Information Management means making security data available to IT for an analysis of security design and whether or not it is a success. It provides users with the ability to watch whomever has moved to certain areas and to take that information and have security or IT analyze for patterns, access trends, etc. Learn more about PSIM here.

Evolution Sports Performance Created a Facility Where Music Leads the Way
With the help of integrator Audio Video Intelligence, a gym named Evolution Sports Performance is now able to create a unique environment where music follows a trainer from room to room. Using Control4 equipment and Apple’s Airport Network, trainers can control their music using their iOS devices.

3 Top Apps for Mobile Security
Whether you are a Android user or iPhone smapthone devotee that believes your Apple devices are impervious to hackers, or you live in the real world knowing that a slight of hand can leave all of your information exposed there are some apps out there to help save you from yourself.

9 Essential Enterprise Level, Corporate Apps for Your Office
From basic to complex office tasks you can count on your Android or iOS device to streamline your corporate environment. Check out apps from developers like SAP, Concur, Evernote and IntSig Information Co. Ltd.

Mercer University’s 250 Mile Campus Unites Under Cloud Monitors
Mercer University’s geographically challenged IT department expects to save over $100,000 per year by converting to LG zero client cloud monitors.

Mobile Application Management — Manage Those Apps
Mobile application management is the way to control the apps in your BYOD program. Learn how to securely deploy, monitor and remove apps on the devices used by your organization.

Designing for High Contrast
George Mason University uses InfoComm’s ANSI/InfoComm 3M-2011 Projected Image Contrast Ratio Standard to evaluate the projection in its classrooms. Brad Grimes of InfoComm International explores this project.

InfoComm 2013 Sessions Set to Educate You on a Wide Variety of Specialties
InfoComm 2013 is set to expand you knowledge base with specialty tracks to arm you for the coming year of redesigns and upgrade. Tracks such as A/V Systems Technology, Networked A/V Systems, Business and Management, Technology Manager, Staging and Live Events and Standards will all be held at the show in Orlando in June

How to Attend InfoComm Part 2—Meet, Greet, Learn and Explore
Whether it is partner events like the projection summit or getting your CTS, Frederick J. Ampel shows you the best sessions to attend at InfoComm

Tough Issues Facing Users of Digital Signage for Security
The importance of this digital signage as a security tool means that the technical and management issues that accompany it are also that much more imperative.

LED Lighting Cuts Costs, but the Switch to It Should Be Done with Care
LED lighting is a panacea for some, but for others the payoff may not be great enough to go ahead and make switch. Heat, control, dimming and cost savings should be carefully evaluated before making the decision. Learn more about switching to LED lighting.

Open office space is an increasing trend. Find out how to integrate tech into your space.