Hall at Patriot Place Celebrates Team’s Championship Tradition
By D. Craig MacCormack · February 15, 2016 • Patriots call on HB Communications, NanoLumens to enhance interactive Hall of Fame gallery.

Client and Integrator Collaborate to Create Meeting Rooms People Can Use
By Anthony Salveggi · January 25, 2016 • A major part of Enbridge’s renovated headquarters are meeting rooms that offer a consistent technology experience.

Watch: First Ever Live Projection Mapping Performance on a Human Face
By Jonathan Blackwood · December 22, 2015 • Wildbytes created the first live face projection mapping performance on stage for Sephora.

AVWeek Episode 214 Featuring TechDecisions Managing Editor Jonathan Blackwood
By TechDecisions Staff · September 28, 2015 • TechDecisions Managing Editor Jonathan Blackwood joins the weekly AVNation podcast to discuss industry news.

Industry Weapon’s Content Management System, CommandCenterHD
By TD Staff · September 1, 2015 • Industry Weapon’s content management system, CommandCenterHD, is the hub that makes all of our products possible. This web-based interface is where content is uploaded, created, and scheduled into users’ digital signage campaigns.

What is the Internet of Things?
By Jonathan Blackwood · August 3, 2015 • The Internet of Things has been a buzz word in almost every industry across the spectrum for some years now. The overall sentiment is that we are going to connect everything with everything and gather data on all of the things around the world. This does little to alleviate confusion about what IoT actually is. Read on to find out more about what the IoT will look like and how it will affect our lives and our businesses.

Video: Jonathan Blackwood Joins TechTalk Podcast
By TD Staff · January 20, 2015 • TechTalk, an organization for tech managers, asked Corporate TechDecisions' editor Jonathan Blackwood to join them for their latest podcast to talk about the relationship between the integrator and the tech decision maker.

Mood Media Launches Streaming Music Solution for Business
By TD Staff · October 6, 2014 • Mood Mix is a fully customizable online music option for businesses.

Takeaways and Best Practices from Cisco’s Midyear Security Report
By TD Staff · September 3, 2014 • Twice each year Cisco releases a security report that helps companies learn where they are vulnerable. John Stewart sat down to speak about key takeaways, and best practices for security measures.

Digital Signage and Mobile Wayfinding — 4 Solutions for Corporate Facilities
By Curtis Emery · March 20, 2014 • Digital signage is always evolving and so is wayfinding technology. One of these developments is mobile wayfinding — where mobile integration lets visitors take digital signage with them. Smartphone or tablet, iPhone or Andriod these platforms take digital signage to the next level of communication. We profile four companies that offer mobile wayfinding for digital signage: Four Winds Interactive, 22MILES, Jibestream Interactive Media, and Here2There Software. Check out the videos of how these work.

Video Encapsulates Role of an Emergency Manager
By TechDecisions · March 6, 2014 • The NY, NJ, CT, PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team explain the emergency manager's role and job functions in this graphic video.

CES 2013: 8 Mobile Products that are Turning Heads
By TD Staff · January 8, 2013 • CES 2013 is the talk of the Internet. Check out products from Mozilla Firefox, The Eye Tribe, Sony, Tethercell, Plastic Logic, Intel, HAPIlabs, Parrot and Expect Labs, that will take the mobile device to a new level.

New Facility Rides the Cutting Edge of Daylight Harvesting
By Aaron Stern · October 29, 2012 • Ben Franklin Technology Partners' TechVentures2 facility uses Lutron lighting control systems to slash energy consumption. Automated shades with Hyperion solar-adaptive software and AMX helped to create an award winning, LEED certified facility.

ZeeVee Announces Low-cost Digital Video Distribution
By Tom LeBlanc · September 26, 2012 • The low-cost HDb2380 from ZeeVee is an 8-channel SD modulator that is available for $2,299, which equates to $288 per channel and it less than one-third the cost per channel of its predecessor

AMX Releases Video of a Live Trial at AVI-SPL of Its Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher
By Lisa Nadile · June 8, 2012 • An AVI-SPL technician powers up and connects an AMX Enova DGX32 digital media switcher in less than 60 seconds.

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