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Interview: BrightSign CEO Predicts Future of 4K
BrightSign CEO Jeff Hastings discusses the growing demand for 4K content, the lower end of the digital signage market and if PCs will continue to be utilized in the space.

6 Booths That Captured Our Attention at ISE 2015
It’s not easy to make attendees stop and stare at Integrated Systems Europe. With so many booths, companies need to do everything they can to stand out. These booths did just that.

Video: Jonathan Blackwood Joins TechTalk Podcast
TechTalk, an organization for tech managers, asked Corporate TechDecisions' editor Jonathan Blackwood to join them for their latest podcast to talk about the relationship between the integrator and the tech decision maker.

Digital Signage and Mobile Wayfinding — 4 Solutions for Corporate Facilities
Digital signage is always evolving and so is wayfinding technology. One of these developments is mobile wayfinding — where mobile integration lets visitors take digital signage with them. Smartphone or tablet, iPhone or Andriod these platforms take digital signage to the next level of communication. We profile four companies that offer mobile wayfinding for digital signage: Four Winds Interactive, 22MILES, Jibestream Interactive Media, and Here2There Software. Check out the videos of how these work.

Video Encapsulates Role of an Emergency Manager
The NY, NJ, CT, PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team explain the emergency manager's role and job functions in this graphic video.

Inside a Doomsday Survival Luxury Condo
An old missile silo has become that safe haven for it community. Sold out, except for one unite, the condo community has all the amenities, including a swimming pool and a entertainment theater.

AMX Launches New Site for Tech Decision Makers
Website defined from the IT manager's perspective to address top priorities.

Lessons from a $30 Million Luxury Hotel Technology Renovation
Designed to increase guest comfort and increase energy efficiency the $30 million renovation of the 154-room West Tower of One UN New York (formerly the UN Millennium Plaza Hotel) implemented touch screen-operated control of various systems in each room. Using Vantage Control’s InFusion control system combined with the company’s ScenePoint Relays and sensors for lighting, thermostat and in-room temperature sensors to coordinate climate control. The touchscreen panels offer five languages through which the hotel’s diverse clientele can operate the interface. The system is fully hardwired for security reasons.

At CES 2013 LG Debuts What it Says is the Largest 3D Video Wall
A giant 3D video wall is drawing big crowds to LG's booth in the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center at CES 2013.

CES 2013: 8 Mobile Products that are Turning Heads
CES 2013 is the talk of the Internet. Check out products from Mozilla Firefox, The Eye Tribe, Sony, Tethercell, Plastic Logic, Intel, HAPIlabs, Parrot and Expect Labs, that will take the mobile device to a new level.

Head-turning Transparent Displays
We're looking forward to what's coming up at Digital Signage Expo 2013 for new technology. Here's a look back at the 2012 Digital Signage Expo (DSE), where vendors and manufacturers were extremely bullish on transparent LCD displays, which showcase animation, including advertising and promotions, over a clear screen.

Intel All-In-One PC + Giveaway from TD’s Sister Publication ChannelPro
Intel's Thin Mini-ITX is a leading desktop computer that is an all-in-one -- the computer is inside the flat-panel monitor. The convenience of this form factor combined with the power of Intel's technology make this computer a wonderful solution to your needs. Enter and win today!

New Facility Rides the Cutting Edge of Daylight Harvesting
Ben Franklin Technology Partners' TechVentures2 facility uses Lutron lighting control systems to slash energy consumption. Automated shades with Hyperion solar-adaptive software and AMX helped to create an award winning, LEED certified facility.

The Basics: Digital Signage 101
Say goodbye to cardboard and marker signs. A host of digital signs are available to welcome, inform, and help keep safe your employees and visitors. Whether you’re looking for a simple way to provide directions, or a sign that describes a long day’s events in detail, digital signage is the most versatile tool available.

AMX Releases Video of a Live Trial at AVI-SPL of Its Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher
An AVI-SPL technician powers up and connects an AMX Enova DGX32 digital media switcher in less than 60 seconds.

Mezzanine is a video conferencing solution for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces that links locations, teams, and content in a shared visual workspace.