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New Facility Rides the Cutting Edge of Daylight Harvesting
Ben Franklin Technology Partners' TechVentures2 facility uses Lutron lighting control systems to slash energy consumption. Automated shades with Hyperion solar-adaptive software and AMX helped to create an award winning, LEED certified facility.

Daylight Harvesting: The Oldest Trick in the Lighting Control Book
As the demand for energy-efficient facilities grows, daylight harvesting is becoming an increasingly used technology.

Common Daylight Harvesting Mistakes
Ensuring the success of daylight harvesting systems requires that you avoid a battery of common errors that, if made, can offset your investment.

Pieces to the Daylight Harvesting Puzzle
There are a lot of moving parts to the daylight harvesting puzzle; making sure you get them to fit just right requires careful planning and skillful coordination.

Our article explains the considerations you need to keep in mind to create a video surveillance system at your company.