3 Ways IT Professionals Can Benefit from Mobile Payments
By Rich McIver · October 14, 2015 • Mobile devices have rapidly changed how IT professionals conduct business on a daily basis.

Intelligent Integration of AV and IT: The Premiere Issue of Enterprise
By TD Staff · August 12, 2015 • This premiere issue of Enterprise from Crestron provides the insight you need to increase your organization's productivity and efficiency right now. Learn about managed solutions that can be put into place today, leverage your existing infrastructure, security protocols and applications, while expanding your capabilities. This FREE download also covers optimizing workflows, workspace design, resources and uptime, as well as real-world case studies about companies just like yours.

Executive Briefing Centers and the Mezzanine Match
By TechDecisions Staff · July 23, 2015 • Oblong’s Mezzanine is a valuable addition to your executive briefing center. Here’s why.

The Evolution of IT and the Changing Roles of the CIO
By John Greene · June 12, 2015 • Technology is becoming a force for innovation, business, revenue, and productivity. As these roles continue to change, IT personnel are transforming from support characters to active participants in the revenue stream. As a result of this, the role of the CIO must change to adapt to these new practices.

AV Control Explained: A Tech Decision Maker’s Guide
By TD Staff · June 5, 2015 • Our document explains the capabilities and considerations surrounding control programming.

Improving Call Center Effectiveness: Not Just For Large Organizations
By Galley Sarai · May 28, 2015 • Improving the effectiveness and efficiency of call centers can be a helpful practice for both large and small companies. There are a number of ways to go about this, including CRM, desktop agents, and IVR that streamline calls. The benefits are countless, from better customer satisfaction to more time for employees.

Trends That CIOs and CTOs Need to Pay Attention To
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 27, 2015 • The Enterprisers Project recently conducted a lengthy interview with Mobiquity CTO Ty Rollin about some of the trends that CTOs and CIOs are facing. In a two part interview, Rollin speaks about trends that are putting pressure on CTOs and CIOs and trends that are making their jobs more complex.

Inside New Zealand’s Nationwide Power Center Control Room
By Chelsea Cafiero · May 27, 2015 • Transpower New Zealand installs Matrox Extio fiber-optic KVM extenders to deliver 24/7 control room video from PC to operator.

Integrators Identify 10 Critical Cybersecurity Challenges
By TD Staff · May 26, 2015 • Be sure your physical security systems integrator addresses these network security issues.

Cutting The Cord: Outfitting Employees For Mobility
By Daniel L. Newman · May 22, 2015 • A growing number of companies are using mobility to boost their agility, productivity, and job satisfaction. You must empower your employees for successful mobile usage.

There’s More To Fast Transactions Than Mobile Payments
By Kristin Gramigna · May 7, 2015 • Mobile payments can make for a quick checkout experience, but that’s just the beginning of the potential this technology stands to deliver businesses — across industries. By leveraging additional marketing features of mobile payments, businesses can optimize existing efforts, and potentially, identify better methods of executing them.

New Polycom Services Help IT Expand Workplace Collaboration
By TD Staff · May 5, 2015 • Polycom RealAccess brings the power of big data and connected products to help IT departments analyze utilization, capacity and success rates to make faster and smarter decisions.

News Roundup: The Info You Need from Interop Las Vegas
By TD Staff · May 1, 2015 • There is a lot of important news coming out of Interop that concerns the IT community. The conference lasted from April 27 until May 1, and we saw a number of new products and services announced. We've compiled a list of some of the most important information for our readers coming out of the show.

Security Lessons from the Anthem Data Breach
By Jonathan Blackwood · April 29, 2015 • With companies transitioning documents to digital, it’s important to keep that information secure. We can learn a lot from data breaches that have already occurred.

Making Hyperscale Data Centers a Reality for Enterprise
By M.H. Raza · April 24, 2015 • To meet or exceed end users’ performance expectations, network infrastructure must transform in a way that makes hyperscale accessible to enterprise, rather than limiting it to the massive data centers of cloud providers.

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