AMX Lands First JITC Tested Conference Room Solution on U.S. APL
By TD Staff · October 17, 2014 • Enova DVX Solution Passes Rigorous JITC Security Testing, Awarded IO and IA Certifications by Defense Information Systems Agency.

Google Expands Hangouts to Reach Corporate Market
By TD Staff · October 15, 2014 • The company looks to enter the enterprise market and grab a hold of their own slice of the pie.

Highlights from InterOp New York
By Jonathan Blackwood · October 9, 2014 • InterOp is the leading independent technology conference and expo designed to inspire, inform, and connect the world's IT community. We gathered a list of some of our favorite exhibitors from InterOp New York.

CEA Unveils New Logos For 4K Ultra High-Definition Displays
By TD Staff · September 30, 2014 • Logos support CEA 4K UHD guidelines, seek to guide and inform consumers.

AVnu Alliance Continues to Expand Global Membership
By TD Staff · September 24, 2014 • The AVnu Alliance proudly announced the latest additions to their growing number of members. Now nearly 80 members strong, the AVnu Alliance welcomed eight new member companies to their ranks.

New NTT I³ Customer Experience Center Showcases Business Collaboration Solution
By TD Staff · September 11, 2014 • NTT I³ strives to set a new global standard of agility, quality, and value creation in pursuit of open service innovation. To do this, the company recognized the need to collaborate across multiple geographies. This is where the Oblong Mezzanine System comes in; now the central element of the Overbridge suite.

CableCover Improves Conference Room Cable Management
By TD Staff · July 29, 2014 • Extron recently introduced CableCover, a fitted bag that mounts below Extron enclosures in order to improve management of audiovisual cabling.

CEA Updates Characteristics for Ultra High-Definition Displays
By TD Staff · July 25, 2014 • The Consumer Electronics Association has updated their voluntary UHD characteristics to better define ultra high-definition display.

Standing Desks Help Promote Healthy Lifestyles for Employees
By TD Staff · July 16, 2014 • Studies say that sitting for extended periods daily can take years off of our lives. For employees working at desks all day, this is cause for concern. Standing desks can help with this problem.

Corporate Tech Decisions Attends MicroSoft’s #WorkingFromLumia Event
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 15, 2014 • Corporate Tech Decisions traveled to Boylston Plaza in Boston to attend MicroSoft's #WorkingFromLumia event. The contest showcased MicroSoft products while promoting their work from home capabilities.

11 Audio Solutions for Your Presentation Areas
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 14, 2014 • Between presentation areas, conference rooms, boardrooms, and videoconferencing suites, audio solutions are a huge part of every tech decision makers day. Tech Decisions breaks down what you need to consider when purchasing audio solutions.

Almo Pro A/V Becomes First U.S. Distributor for Listen Technologies
By TD Staff · July 8, 2014 • Almo Pro A/V becomes first U.S. distributor for Listen Technologies, bringing assistive listening devices to partners across the country.

Innovation Center Wins 2014 Commercial Integrator & Tech Decisions Integration Award
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 7, 2014 • When Verizon wished to create a second Innovation Center in San Francisco, they called on former partners Whitlock and Cavanaugh Tocci Associates to outfit them with state-of-the-art collaborative A/V technology.

Collaboration Stations: Solutions for Working Together
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 3, 2014 • Technology is making it easier and more effective for employees to collaborate both in the workplace and remotely. Tech Decisions gives you ten solutions to consider when outfitting your office with technology to help your teams collaborate effectively.

InfoComm 2014: 9 Videoconferencing Solutions from the Showroom Floor
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 24, 2014 • Corporate Tech Decisions saw a large number of videoconferencing solutions at InfoComm 2014. From videoconferencing suites to mobile videoconferencing to cloud-based services, videoconferencing was showcased all over the showroom floor. Tech Decisions gives you nine of our favorite solutions.

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