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How to Use the “Value on Investment” Formula to Determine a Technology’s ROI
Synergy Media Group CEO Bill McIntosh demonstrates how the "value on investment" formula can better determine the ROI of a technology.

Is the Return On Investment Metric Dead?
Return on investment has long been the way that tech decision managers justify their purchases. But some think we need to add to the equation.

How to Determine Digital Signage ROI
Commercial integrators should help you quantify the business case for dynamic digital signage displays, creating calculations for ROI that justify the expense.

Maximizing ROI in Efficiency Upgrades
Energy efficiency across all systems of a network, a facility or even a city can save big bucks. The key to measuring the return on investment ahead of time is to do a thorough energy audit and get a comprehensive evaluation of what upgrades can be done and what they will save you based on your baselines from that energy audit.

ROI on Control and Automation for Corporate Facilities
Implementing a control and automation system in your business you could save upwards of 50 percent off your energy bill. Get started calculating the ROI.

Videoconferencing for Corporate Facilities: What You Need to Know
This report is designed to help arm you with what you need to know to make the case for a videoconferencing system in your business. We take a look at the ROI, Cost of Ownership, Impact of Cloud and Mobile, Understanding the Managed Service Model and provide you with a Decision Makers Checklist for AV/IT Managers.

Why Enterprise-grade Mobile Videoconferencing is Worth the $$
You do get what you pay for. Enterprise mobile videoconferencing systems are based on industry standards, are interoperable, deliver A/V quality and network performance. Mobile videoconferencing is just now becoming robust enough for enterprise use, and the variety of products that integrate with videoconferencing platforms is growing.

What You Need to Know: Digital Signage for Corporate Facilities
Adding digital signage to augment or replace one or more print communications could save your business money. Get started calculating the ROI.

Mezzanine is a video conferencing solution for meeting rooms and collaboration spaces that links locations, teams, and content in a shared visual workspace.