App Attack! How to Protect Your Mobile Device from Malicious Adware - 12 Apps that Do the Job
By Curtis Emery · March 27, 2013 • Adware is a silent terror for the mobile market. Intrusive in-app ads and compromising adware can harm your device and steal your contacts and other personal data, but you won't know they are a threat until they are on your device. Mobile security apps protect your phone from unwanted intrusions and make sure you can use your mobile device without fearing an outside attack. Apps for Android protects users from spyware, malware and a variety of other mobile threats including adware.

9 of the Most Popular CCTV and IP Security Camera Monitoring Apps for iOS and Android
By TD Staff · March 14, 2013 • The must have list of security camera and monitoring apps for CCTV and IP security cameras. These iOS and Android apps allow the user to control the pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) through “pinch to zoom,” take snapshots and send via MMS and email, play back video recordings, two-way audio, view live video from multiple cameras, store multiple DVR connections in an address book, instant notification of alarm events, and HTTPS support for secure connectivity are among just a few features. Some allow the user to monitor hundreds of network cameras of different brands. Many common IP cameras such as Axis, Sony, Toshiba, Vivotek, and Panasonic.

Trend Spotting 2013 — See What Issues Corporate Customers Will Encounter
By TechDecisions · March 12, 2013 • This year corporate users will see their mobile devices gaining prominence in the business world as BYOD continues to grow. Near Field Communications will enable new and better communication as well as working with control systems to provide better services. Other notable trends include wider displays, growing interest in audio/video streaming solutions and the growth of fiber for data delivery. Companies participating in this trend story are AMX, Crestron, Gefen and ViewSonic.

Videoconferencing on the Cheap
By Leslie O'Neill · March 8, 2013 • Using consumer products like FaceTime, Skype and Google Hangouts for some videoconferencing is an easy way to lower collaboration costs. For more important meetings, professional tools are called for.

There’s No Crying in Network Security
By Joel Shore · March 8, 2013 • Like peeling away layers of an onion, securing today’s networks means understanding A/V.

ShoreTel Has New iOS apps for Unified Communications and Telephony
By TechDecisions · March 5, 2013 • ShoreTel has brought its unified communications and telephony capabilities to the iOS platform with two new apps. ShoreTel’s Mobility 6 allows users to place and receive business calls. ShoreTel Conferencing allows users to share presentations among remote viewers.

Understanding the Basics — Surveillance and Surveillance Cameras
By Sharon Fisher · February 25, 2013 • Simple surveillance isn’t enough to help law enforcement. You need to have powerful enough equipment to gather surveillance data that is useful to them. However, today’s products are very capable and priced within reach.

Honeywell MAXPRO Cloud Service Puts Video Over the Web
By TD Staff · February 22, 2013 • The cloud-hosted video service streams both live and recorded video.

9 Tablet and Smartphone Video Chat Apps
By TD Staff · February 21, 2013 • There are video chat services for most mobile devices from smartphones to tablets, iPhone, iPads, Android to TMobile, Motorola, Droid, Galaxy, Nexus and many more. Many are even capable of group video chats. Here are some noteworthy and highly rated competitors to the two most popular videoconferencing mobile applications Skype and Apple's FaceTime.

Trend Spotting 2013 — Control4 on Security and Automation Systems
By TechDecisions · February 20, 2013 • Control4 is seeing the integration of security and control and automation systems, according to Paul Williams, vice president of Security and Communications. Indeed, 75 percent of their installations are seeing this meshing of technology systems.

Coping with A/V Installation Project Management
By Joy Zaccaria · February 13, 2013 • Managing your A/V project, whether an upgrade or a new installation, means you have to know exactly who is performing what task and when. A clear schedule and knowledge of what people will do during the project is key to a smooth installation.

Establishing a BYOD Policy
By Scott Wasser · January 25, 2013 • A greater number of organizations are looking into a BYOD solution, but they are discovering that access and control of users’ devices on the network requires careful thought concerning data access and preparation of infrastructure.

Speco Technologies Ships High-Resolution 960H DS DVR
By TD Staff · December 27, 2012 • The product boasts the highest resolution available for analog CCTV, compared to D1.

Linear Releases Copper Cop — An Easy Solution to Guard HVAC from Metal Theft
By TD Staff · December 17, 2012 • Copper Cop will work as a powerful restraint against metal thieves scavenging industrial HVAC units.

There’s No Crying in Network Security
By Joel Shore · November 21, 2012 • Like peeling away layers of an onion, securing today’s networks means understanding A/V.

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