20 Key Trends Emerge From ASIS 2014
By Scott Goldfine · October 22, 2014 • The 60th Annual ASIS Int'l Seminar and Exhibits was a rousing success, with plenty of telling industry takeaways.

Cybersecurity Is a Top Concern for Energy Companies
By TD Staff · September 12, 2014 • Cybersecurity ranked sixth a year ago and now is the fourth-highest concern for electric utilities, behind reliability, environmental regulation and economic regulation, according to a new survey.

Get Your Employees to Care About Cyber Security, Become Secure
By TD Staff · August 22, 2014 • Many employees don't worry about clicking on unknown links and visiting sketchy sources. When they are educated about the personal threats of cyber attacks, they become a lot less laid back.

Technologies To Help Keep Your Enterprise Secure Against BYOD Threats
By TD Staff · August 19, 2014 • Find out how to guard your enterprise from threats posed by employees using their own devices for work.

Compatibility is Critical: A Look at IP Camera-to-VMS Integration
By Greg Sparrow, Director of Project Management, RCDD®, NTS, ESS, PMP®, CTSTM, SIGNET Electronic Systems Inc. · August 12, 2014 • Whether deploying entirely new IP-based systems, expanding existing systems with new IP cameras, or upgrading the VMS software to obtain new functionality, the compatibility between the IP camera and the VMS has become a critical component.

Mass Notification Systems Help Improve Business Practices
By TALKAPHONE · August 6, 2014 • Mass notification systems were primarily installed as a way to inform in the case of an emergency. However, with advancements in technology, these systems have taken on a broader scope in functionality.

Brian Krebs Gives Interview On Credit Card Hackers and Sellers
By TD Staff · August 5, 2014 • Companies need to beware of possible security breaches. Hackers are able to steal critical information that could destroy an enterprise's reputation. Brian Krebs spoke to NPR about these dangers.

Law Firms Utilize Videoconferencing by Choosing the Correct Security Measures
By TD Staff · July 30, 2014 • Brian Loncar has built his firm all throughout Texas by utilizing videoconferencing for face-to-face meetings. The reason he was able to do so was to make sure these meetings were secure.

The Cloud: Public, Private, or Both?
By Jonathan Blackwood · July 28, 2014 • There are several configurations for setting up a cloud system for your company's needs. Which system suits your needs best? Learn about each in our feature.

Hybrid Clouds an Emerging Solution in Large Enterprises
By Jonathan Blackwood · May 27, 2014 • A combination of public and private cloud environments are allowing companies to monitor and control security for stored data, while saving on pricey services from private cloud systems.

Inovonics and Mercury Partner to Offer Integrated Access Control Solution with Mobile Duress.
By TD Staff · March 10, 2014 • Inovonics and Mercury partner for joint security venture that allows Mercury and its OEM partners to incorporate Inovonics mobile duress system within its access control platform.

UPDATED: 15 Must Have Apps for Cloud Backup and File Access for iOS and Android
By TD Staff · February 6, 2014 • Manage, share and backup your Android or iOS device with these great Cloud backup and access apps. Check out apps from developers like Genie-Soft, Google Inc., Mozy Inc., Genie9, ClockworkMod, AgileSoft Resource, Jungle Disk, LLC and iDar LLC

9 Emergency Preparedness, Alert And Recovery Apps For iOS And Android
By TD Staff · January 14, 2014 • This collection of emergency apps highlights the true capability of technology in the face of nature's toughest scenes. From first aid apps to radar scanners and disaster-specific apps, this collection provides some of the best resources for disaster preparedness and monitoring from trusted emergency organizations. Check out apps from The American Red Cross, FEMA, Base Velocity LLC. and ME911 for your Android or iOS smart device.

How Secure Is MDM Security?
By TD Staff · January 9, 2014 • With the proliferation of mobile devices used for business, there is a need for tighter security than MDM solutions can offer.

How to Conduct a Mass Notification Risk Assessment in Corporate Facilities
By Lisa Nadile · December 23, 2013 • A step-by-step guide to what you need to know to conduct a mass notification risk assessment for your facility: From identifying top risks to understanding key stakeholders, designing the message and knowing the codes and standards.

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