Executive Briefing Centers and the Mezzanine Match
By TechDecisions Staff · July 23, 2015 • Oblong’s Mezzanine is a valuable addition to your executive briefing center. Here’s why.

Technological and Spatial Considerations for Corporate Huddle Spaces
By TD Staff · July 2, 2015 • If you work in an enterprise, you understand how essential collaboration among teams and across offices can be to company success. And you know that video communication systems have played a valuable role in bringing us together. While the traditional conference room with video conferencing is ideal for bringing large groups together, advances in technology have influenced and changed how we prefer to work.

Polycom Reveals Three New Solutions for RealPresence Platform at InfoComm 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 18, 2015 • At InfoComm 2015 Polycom revealed a number of new solutions set to revolutionize the way businesses collaborate. As a part of the RealPresence Platform, the company has revealed RealPresence Web Suite, Media Suite, and Cloud to the InfoComm crowd.

ProPresenter 6 by Renewed Vision Showcases at InfoComm 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · June 16, 2015 • Fresh off of the heels of unveiling their new ProPresenter 6 display software, Renewed Vision will be showcasing the capabilities of the software at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando.

General Motors’ Virtual Reality Center Upgrades to 4K
By TD Staff · June 8, 2015 • In order to create a solution to help engineers become completely immersed in computer-generated graphics of the exterior and interior of vehicles in order to evaluate, GM installed a number of Christie technologies.

Sydney Opera House is Exquisite Landscape for Far Out Projection
By Chelsea Cafiero · March 24, 2015 • Technical Direction Company projected across a busy Sydney Harbour for Visions of Vienna, a multi-media concert with stunning visuals and live music by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

Building a Video Surveillance System
By TD Staff · March 23, 2015 • Our document explains the considerations you need to keep in mind to create a video surveillance system at your company.

8 Types of Displays For Your Corporate Video Wall
By TD Staff · March 12, 2015 • Whether it be in the lobby, in presentation rooms, or in videoconferencing suites and huddle rooms, video walls are a great solution to many problems. The trick is choosing the correct video wall for your enterprise's purposes.

Challenges of Interfacing HDMI In the World of Professional Audio/Video
By TD Staff · March 10, 2015 • HDMI can create major problems when switched among multiple displays, particularly if the displays have different native pixel resolutions. Several approaches have been engineered to overcome these issues while preserving the essential characteristics of HDMI – secure copy protection and automatic display clock detection and optimization – and allow it to be ported reliably to more than one monitor, TV or projector.

6 Booths That Captured Our Attention at ISE 2015
By Jonathan Blackwood · February 13, 2015 • It’s not easy to make attendees stop and stare at Integrated Systems Europe. With so many booths, companies need to do everything they can to stand out. These booths did just that.

Create a Customer Demo Center that Wows Your Customers and Closes Deals
By TD Staff · February 4, 2015 • Download this new white paper and learn how customer demo spaces can wow your guests and promote greater sales. Read how other companies are using customer demo centers to allow their guests to explore their products in a unique way with technology that includes 3D stereoscopic video walls and virtual reality headsets.

Today’s Customer Demo Center Captivates Customers
By TD Staff · February 4, 2015 • In this tech brief, you’ll explore interactive technologies, such as multi-touch video walls, 2D/3D visualization, and video collaboration, and learn how to choose the right technologies for your demo center needs.

Video: Jonathan Blackwood Joins TechTalk Podcast
By TD Staff · January 20, 2015 • TechTalk, an organization for tech managers, asked Corporate TechDecisions' editor Jonathan Blackwood to join them for their latest podcast to talk about the relationship between the integrator and the tech decision maker.

Learn How Roland’s VR-50HD All-In-One Solution Can Beat Out Custom AV Solutions
By TD Staff · January 14, 2015 • This FREE download from Roland and TechDecisions discusses the merits of custom-built versus purpose-built solutions used to stream or record live events.

Effortlessly Stream Live Events with Roland’s VR-50HD All-In-One AV Switcher
By TD Staff · January 13, 2015 • This FREE download from Roland and TechDecisions discusses the merits of custom-built versus purpose-built solutions used to stream live events.

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