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TechDecisions Guide to 16 Projection Screens for Corporate Facilities
Choosing the best projection screen should be a simple process, but you have to get the best one for your setup. Fred Ampel discussed the points you need to take into consideration and suggests some options.

Welcome to MindBending AV
Technology continues to bridge the gap between dream and reality, science fiction and the future of the human experience and the A/V sector is actively pursuing this mission. Whether it is a revolutionary application of multi-touch technology or a re-imagination of what an audio device is, perhaps even something we have never heard of before, it is time to reconsider what you thought you knew about the A/V market because someone else already has.

Is 4K Ready for Your Prime Time?
The 4K format is starting to appear in areas where large screens are being used and in applications where the wow factor is important to an organization. 4K is defined as a generation of video technology beyond the 1920 x 1080 resolution of HDTV. The high-end signage has smoother edges, crisper images and improved bigger pictures. Current users include Iowa State University's Virtual Reality Applications Center and the Mirage Hotel and Casino Race and Sports Book, yet there are applications for nearly any organization.

Extron Now Shipping VNR 100 VN-Matrix Single Channel Recorder
Extron is releasing a tool recording and playback tool to bolster its VN-Matrix systems. It can simultaneously record and playback content.

The Science (and a little Art) of Loudspeaker Placement
Frederick J. Ampel discusses what's out there for loudspeaker systems and how best to place them for your application. He breaks down what distributed and directional systems are and helps you pick the right one.

TechDecisions Guide to 65 Small On-wall or Surface-mount Loudspeakers
Surface-mount or on-wall loudspeakers are often useful where others fail. Learn more about these overlooked gems. In the round-up check out products from Community Pro, JBL, QSC, ElectroVoice and many others.

TechDecisions Guide to 37 Large-venue High-brightness Projection Systems for Corporate Spaces
Frederick J. Ampel discusses how best to choose large-venue high-brightness projectors. He also illuminates on the history of the projector. The evolution of large image projection has now reached an unprecedented level of capability, image quality and brightness. Lumen levels near and above 30-40K are now feasible and you can pretty much find a product to meet any size screen and brightness level you could possibly imagine.

Best iOS and Android Apps for Speaker Testing and Tuning
Get the best of speaker tuning and testing with a swipe of a finger on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet mobile device. A collection of professional audio apps from developers like Andrew Smith, Refined Stochastic Technology, Westside Apps and jjbunn.

NAB Attracts Record Attendance as Vendors Showcase the Latest in Broadcasting Technology
The show covered everything from the latest in audio to video streaming.

Stereo, Mono and LCR in Sound Reinforcement
Learn the advantages and dilemmas of choosing the right system. Which is the right choice? Stereo or mono? This article explains.

Mitsubishi Electric Presents its New High-Performance, Large-Venue Projectors
Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. recently announced its new XL7100U, WL7200U and UL7400U high-brightness LCD projectors designed for large venues such as meeting rooms, church sanctuaries, museums and auditoriums.

Commercial Integrator Announces Inaugural CI Solutions Award Winners
Commecial Integrator announced its few CI Solutions Awards, with winners from across industries and across the country.

What is Control & Automation? What Gets Controlled?
Control and automation devices are the latest tools in the battle to save resources and time.

Our article explains the considerations you need to keep in mind to create a video surveillance system at your company.